PGDM For Working Professionals – A Complete Guide

There are two types of working professionals – One who is super-comfortable with their career and one who wants to hone their skills and gain more knowledge to increase their learning curve consistently.

Any extra ability or any extra course will only start your career. A PGDM course is the one that best suits your urge to have a rocking career. It comes with various learning curves, facts, and teachings that add up to make excellent corporate personnel and put you forward as a multitalented, competitive individual. Furthermore, the qualification in management adds a booster to the career path for young working professionals to gain a management role.

At Poddar Business School, we aim to nurture and prepare every individual for the outside world. We pay dire attention to the holistic development of analytical ability, management perspectives, and practical skills so that an individual can work in a competitive environment. Let’s begin with the guide for working professionals who are looking to enroll themselves in the PGDM course program.

What is a PGDM course?

Post Graduate Diploma in Management course is a course that helps in the development of personal leadership capacities through a practical teaching approach. It is a two-year business management program that caters to industry requirements and helps management aspirants to develop relative skills to transform their careers.

Who Should Pursue?

In the current volatile industry, where everything is changing at the tick of the clock and where companies are looking for competitive and curious individuals ready to face everything thrown at them, everyone needs to specialize. Tick across the following points if you fit –

  • Are you a working professional who wishes to upgrade your management knowledge and business skills while working religiously at your workplace?
  • Do you feel your growth has been hindered due to a lack of knowledge?
  • Are you aiming at a managerial position?
  • Are you looking for a decent salary hike?

If Yes?

Then, this PGDM Course is for you.

PGDM Course Highlights

A course designed for working professionals who feel after reaching a mid-level career that they are not moving at all – PGDM has many things to offer you. The PGDM for working professionals is an intensive 2-years program.

The USPs of the program for you –

  • You get 360-degree career support.
  • This certification program will provide you with a certificate and academic content powered by the Harvard Business School Online module.
  • Will develop a unique vision, which will supplement your managerial skills with a leadership mindset.
  • It will help you better understand the market, anticipate the future, and devise winning business strategies.
  • Learn the future-ready digital know-how and be ready to lead the transformation in your future organization. 
  • Develop financial strategies skillset to implement and make profitable P&L accounts
  • Strengthen your interpersonal communication and your ability to manage large teams
  • Efficiently manage cross-functional teams.
  • Develop entrepreneurial abilities.
  • Global Competitiveness.

This PGDM Course will be a single specialization course in Marketing, Finance, HR, and operations. The learning will be primarily project-based and interactive, keeping in mind the varied work experiences of the students.

Benefits of joining our PGDM program

Unlock your potential, talent, and skills.

Our mission is to develop leaders who have a deeper understanding of the market, a clear perspective to provide solutions, and to surpass everyone when it comes to acting appropriately in management. The leadership program at Poddar Institute offers all of these.

Industry Relevant Curriculum: Executive PGDM courses are industry-related, matching current market trends. Sending lessons by senior industry professionals can bring students along with professional experts.

Better career opportunities

After the course completion, the individual will have an option to switch from their present workplace to another organization for better career growth.

Entrepreneurship skills

The program gives you the skills required to become a self-built business entrepreneur.

Networking and collaboration

The course allows you to build fast, interactive learning and business networks with other industries.

Double Benefits

It will not only build up your skills, but it will also keep you in check with your current workplace. You have flexible hours to learn anywhere, anytime.

Better position, better salary

The PGDM course makes you corporate savvy and helps you achieve leadership, managerial skills and business skills. Resultantly, it will make you a better leader, which will, in turn, get you a better position and a hike in salary. Poddar Business School offers a leadership program in PGDM that will help you develop the skills required in today’s time.

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