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Why PGDM from Poddar?

  • Academic Content powered by Harvard Business School (online)
  • Providing 15+ National, International Certification
  • Global Immersion Tour
  • Business Simulation Studies.
  • Trusted Legacy of 2 Decades in past management years
  • 21000+ Group Alumni & 10000+ Strong Placements records
  • Experiential Learning through COE
  • IIM Immersion Programe
  • Offering New age Electives
  • Reasearch Orientation & Case Studies Development

Dual Specialisation in

Core Electives of PGDM

New Age Electives of PGDM


Banking and
Financial Services

Hospitality &
Tourisim Management

Food &

Entrepreneurship &
Start-up Technologies

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IIM Immersion Programe

(Student Development Program at IIM Indore)

Selection Criteria

Bachelor’s degree with atleast 50% marks or equivalent CGPA in any discipline
from a recognized university

Score accepted of CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT/GMAT

Those Students have not appeared in any entrance have to appear in our own entrance exam PCAT(Poddar Combined Aptitude Test)

  1. Fill Application Form

    Applicants must fill the application form on the online admission portal.

  2. Application Screening

    Candidates are shortlisted on the basis of a composite score considering their educational background, work experience and entrance examination scores (CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT/

  3. Interview Process

    All short listed candidates then undergo the personal interview.

  4. Admissions & Early Offers

    Rolling interview process is followed for admissions into PGDM. Outstanding candidates will receive an offer letter even before the closing date of admissions.

About Us

Corporate and Industrial Linkages

International Collaboration


Ayush Sharma
Ayush Sharma

Poddar Business School has given us opportunities to improve ourselves by participating in different events and organizing and volunteering. It has helped us improve our interpersonal skills such as communication, self confidence and improved our networking skills. We also have the GIP program (Global Immersion Program) which will help to create stronger network and also gain practical experience.

Romans Merchant
Romans Merchant

In Poddar Business School we have a GIP Program which will help us improve our communication skills, self-confidence, and networking skills and also let us know more about corporations in different countries. We are improving our practical knowledge which will make us industry ready during our course. We also participate in different competitions and events which helps us to implement what we learn during our course. We also attend various kinds of sessions in our college as well as in different colleges which improves our knowledge.

Ajay Sharma
Ajay Sharma

Poddar Business School proves experiential learning which not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also on practical learning. In Poddar, we have prioritised skills enhancement which is very beneficial for any individual. The learning experience goes beyond textbooks and lectures. As a student, I've found the emphasis on experiential learning to be truly valuable. It's not just about cramming information from books; instead, we get hands-on, practical experience that brings our studies to life.

Saksham Gupta
Saksham Gupta

In Poddar Business School we have a GIP Program which will help us in improving our communication skills, self confidence, networking skills and also let us know more about corporate in different country. We are Improving our practical knowledge which will make us industry ready during our course. We also participate in different competitions and events which helps us to implement what we learn during our course. We also attend various kinds of sessions in our college as well as in different colleges which improves our knowledge.

Shivam Poddar
Shivam Poddar

Poddar Business School lets us grow in practical aspects as skill enhancement is their priority. We the students of poddar improve our knowledge and our course helps us in implementing that knowledge into real-life situations. We have attended various industrial visit and seminars which has helped us in knowing more about corporate and corporate departments. This college believes in practical learning which is very necessary in today's scenario. .

Charvi Chhabra
Charvi Chhabra

Poddar Business School has met my expectations in terms of providing a high-quality business education. Participating in their forthcoming Global Immersion Programme in Dubai a fantastic opportunity, delivering a unique blend of cultural immersion and real-world study. Poddar's dedication to helping students for a globalized business is noticeable, and I am looking forward to the priceless experiences that this program will give.

Yashika Arora
Yashika Arora

Poddar Business School shaped my "academic journey" and prepared me for the challenges ahead, I've found tremendous value in experiential learning. It's not just about absorbing information from textbooks but engaging directly with l-world scenarios. These experiences have expanded my perspective, honed my problem-solving skills, and fostered a deeper understanding of theoretical concepts. It's provided me with a solid foundation for future endeavors and has sparked a passion for lifelong learning.

Nitesh Narula
Nitesh Narula

Poddar Business School has given us knowledge and helped us in improving our practical learning ability to enhance our skills which will lead us to get better opportunities in real-life scenarios. We get practical learning to boost our technical and interpersonal skills. This institute has helped us in inmproving our skills which include both technical and soft skills. We participate in events and organize events and sessions to learn new things daily.

Anushi Kothari
Anushi Kothari

The focus on experiential learning has propelled my academic growth by providing a platform where theory meets reality. The practical knowledge gained is not confined to textbooks; it's a hands-on experience that molds us into industry-ready professionals. The emphasis on real- world application sets Poddar Business School apart, making it a hub for holistic learning.

Khushi Jangid
Khushi Jangid

Poddar Business School is showcasing a commitment to delivering outstanding outcomes each year, the academic performance is improving constantly and I personally find great practical learnings here by enrolling in the experiential programmes they provide. The teaching ndard is commendable with a focus on quality education and all instructors are notably supportive.

Anjali Sharma
Anjali Sharma

In Poddar, we have volunteered for various events which helped us learn management skills such as planning, organizing, staffing, and coordinating. This will help us in real life when we work in the corporate sector. In Poddar, we learn various things that help us to know more about corporations and to know what is needed to work in corporate. We enhance our skills according to it. We prepare ourselves to to manage different types of situations that can occur in a corporate lifestyle such as time management and multitasking.

Sparsh Agarwal
Sparsh Agarwal

I am currently pursuing my PGDM from Poddar Business School. Being a student at this esteemed institution I am delighted to express my immense satisfaction with the unparalleled educational experience that the institute provides. Poddar Business School has not only provided me with a clear path towards building a thriving career in management but has also shaped my personality in ways that I have aspired for. As a Class Representative of my dass, I am developing my leadership skills, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills. I am extremely grateful to Poddar Business School and all my dear faculty members for providing me with such an exceptional learning experience and bringing transformation in my personality. I am confident that the knowledge and skills that I am acquiring here will serve me well throughout my professional career.

Lakshay Shrivastava
Lakshay Shrivastava

Attending Poddar Business School has been transformative for my interpersonal skills. The curriculum's emphasis on communication, teamwork, and empathy equipped me with the ability to navigate diverse situations confidently. Through interactive classes, group projects, and mentorship programs, I honed my communication style and learned the value of collaboration. The college's nurturing environment cultivated a strong sense of empathy, allowing me to understand and connect with people from various backgrounds. These skills have been invaluable in both my personal and professional life, enabling me to build meaningful relationships and excel in team-based environments.

Lavina Rathore
Lavina Rathore

I can confidently attest to the transformative experience that I have gained from the Poddar business school jaipur. The diverse curriculum and dedicated faculty empowered me to explore my passions in management. Through engaging coursework and hands-on learning opportunities, I not only gained valuable knowledge but also developed critical skills., The supportive community at Poddar College fostered an environment where I could thrive both academically and personally. I'm immensely grateful for the guidance and resources that have prepared me for success beyond graduation.

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