Poddar Infrastructure



The Temples of Growth and Knowledge

We at Poddar Business School believe that a classroom is where the mind is moulded and basked in the rays of knowledge, a place where the mind is open and eager but constricted and directed within the boundaries of growth and learning.

Here the educator is the leader, the mentor, the guardian of the impressionable yet fully potential minds. Minds which are safe guarded and protected till they blossom and are ready to take on the world with their varied academic and creative skills and treasured values to lead a happy and prosperous life.


Life cycles of products and services, technology and business models, are reducing rapidly; and need for innovation is growing. Innovation, however, has conventionally been considered an obscure, fuzzy subject. Design Thinking comes to the rescue with a methodical approach.

At Poddar Business School, we help unlock the potential for our students who will eventually help clients/employers build impactful solutions across sectors like IT, Financial Services, Social Impact, and Manufacturing, by blending human centricity of design with the power of technology and business strategy.


The backbone of our institution

In 1965, the average tenure of companies on S&P 500 was 33 years. By 1990, it had come down to 20; by 2026, the forecast is 14 years! This is just one manifestation of the VUCA environment. In parallel, the experience economy is growing. As goods and services get commoditized, experiences are emerging as the new source for competitive advantage- not only in entertainment or consumer industries, but everywhere from enterprise technology solutions to social impact and public policy. Such an environment demands organizations to constantly learn about their users, be imaginative with their solutions and agile in their response mechanisms. We are working to enable this transformation through our TINKERERS - The backbone of our institution


We have compiled the best of our digital resources to support learning and exploration. These help our students and teachers to feed the curiosity of growing minds and inspire to think broadly. These resources are periodically reviewed by eminent professionals from industry which enables students to explore their passions and interests further, and to discover more about the Corporate World.


Choosing a Institution is also about choosing a new home. We ensure that students dwell in a healthy environment that helps them to grow and learn without any obstacle. Poddar Business School offers separate hostels for boys and girls with all modern facilities and attached mess. The hostel mess serves fresh and hygienic food. Students are provided with facilities like internet, music room, and common room with TV & cable facility, salon facilities, room for indoor games and a reading room with a collection of national/international newspapers, magazines, etc. The hostels’ houses have a fully equipped gym and separate courts for Volleyball, BasketBall, and Badminton. The concerned and highly-experienced staff looks after the university assets and ensures that the hostel remains responsive all the time.

Hostel – Home Away from Home

These centers help and enrich the student with enthusiasm and spiritual feeling. The student’s performance is improved with positive attitude. As they say “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” so Sports plays a vital role in the growth of student. It helps in overall development of the students. We at Poddar give special attention to Sports so that students remain physically fit and healthy.Poddar participate at a very high level in most inter & intra college competition on district, regional and national level.

Library & Resource Center

We have a well-resourced and spacious library which offers a large collection of national, international books and journals on Science, Management, IT, Commerce, Arts, fashion & interior which are available for students and faculties. The Poddar Group library collection includes more than 12000 books along with latest magazines, reports, subscriptions and other material coming day to day as an update in the Education Industry..


The cafeteria serves a variety of snacks and meals to the students, staff and faculty at moderate rates. It provides all type of nutritious and hygienic eatables and beverages.