Your world at crossroads – You have a choice, right & wrong

Let’s dive headfirst into the main question – what makes a PGDM better than an MBA.

Course matches the industry needs
Only autonomous institutes offer PGDM courses. It means that the course content is regularly updated, and is more suited to industry needs than an MBA
program. While MBA courses go by the book, PGDM courses are more learner-oriented in contrast.

Interactive classrooms
There is never a dull moment inside a PGDM classroom. The course is learner oriented, so the
classroom is lively with discussions, role-play, activities, and so much more. At the same time, there is no compromise with the learning outcomes. With
only the brightest minds of the country studying PGDM, you can be assured of interacting with colleagues who will match your wit and intelligence and engage in friendly competition.

The perfect stage for entrepreneurial bugs

If you are inclined towards entrepreneurship, PGDM is the best choice for you. You can pitch your project during your course and utilize the best opportunities
for your start-up.

Sharpen your industry facing skills

The atmosphere of a PGDM classroom is unlike anywhere else. You will get hands-on corporate exposure which will brush up your interpersonal and
communication skills. The lively discussions in classrooms provide a platform to test and better your analytical and decision-making skills.

Building a corporate network
PGDM is a practical course that focuses on internships, organization study and on-job projects.
You will get ample opportunities to build a robust corporate network that can even fetch you a Prep Placement Offer. Moreover, these institutes have tieups with apex business houses of the country and even organize job fairs. No stone is left unturned when it comes to ensuring that students get the most
lucrative offers.

Ease in financing

PGDM courses are offered by reputed AICTE recognized institutes of the country. Thus, the students can avail themselves of educational loans at low-interest rates and flexible terms.


PGDM programme from PODDAR BUSINESS SCHOOL offers more than just classroom teaching.

Case studies, live examples from industry, videos, latest developments in various industries are a part of teaching pedagogy which help the students
understand concepts more clearly and with real-time examples. Various extra-curricular activities are organized for PGDM students like submission of
business plans, participation in various social initiatives, competitions which helps in developing various soft skills of the students which make them
better management professionals once they enter the industry. Various workshops are organized for students to polish their leadership skills, analytical
skills, etc. which helps them to have a successful management career.

At Poddar Business School, we care deeply about helping you develop as a leader. Receiving coaching and mentoring is crucial to that development. We
accomplish this through the accessibility of our world-class leadership faculty, the PGDM program, and, most importantly, through teaching you to learn,
“how to learn.”

Leadership development is a lifelong process—to maximize your career success, you need to continue to seek growth over comfort, to actively solicit feedback, and to reflect on your leadership experiences. Our goal is that by the time you
graduate, this continuous learning process will be reflexive.

Juniors and seniors who are the first in their families to attend PGDM Programme often need help transitioning into a rewarding career. We aim to help
students explore career opportunities and develop strategies for their professional, academic, and social success.

Mentors provide access to opportunities where students learn about interviewing, corporate culture, networking, and how to become leaders in the
corporate world. Active participants find that the workshops, seminars, dinners, and other opportunities help them develop professionally, as well as build the underlying skills that allow them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

At PODDAR BUSINESS SCHOOL, students can be part of any of the several Student Clubs. All the Clubs provide students invaluable opportunities to get
practical exposure to management. Each Club has an activity plan for the entire year.

The Entrepreneurship Development Centre guides students with business ideas and helps them to develop the ideas into viable business models.

Our faculty members come from premier business schools from across the world. The galaxy also includes policy makers, industry stalwarts, researchers and thought leaders.

To develop a global perspective and expose students to a variety of international environment PODDAR BUSINESS SCHOOL offers Global Immersion & Trimester Abroad.

Team based learning lies at the core of the teaching methodology of the course. From day one students are assigned a team and almost all courses require
team based assignments, projects and presentations. To facilitate the same, the School offers Design Thinking Labs with state of the art infrastructural facilities.

Having our campus in JAIPUR offers our students many tangible advantages versus PGDM students in other cities: Jaipur has a bright economic profile that is
increasingly getting diversified. The sectoral distribution of workers is mainly divided between manufacturing (44.64 percent) and services (49.46).
Its major industries cover a wide-range of sectors – tourism, luxury textiles and ready-made garments, gems and jewellery, hand-knotted rugs, rubberbased prosthetics, food and beverages, tobacco, mining and minerals production, automobiles and bicycles manufacturing, and machinery and machine
tools. Consequently, Jaipur has an important micro, small, and medium enterprises cluster. More recently, the city has also become an important IT
hub in the country.

Given this diverse economic profile, all three major industrial lobbies, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI), and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) have their regional offices in Jaipur. The city is also home to the
Jaipur Stock Exchange, one of India’s regional stock exchanges, which was founded in 1989. JAIPUR is the North India hub for many important sectors like
Banking & Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, and Trade.

Regional Heads and Recruitment Managers of many large Indian organizations as well as MNCs are based out of JAIPUR. This provides easier access to
leadership at these companies.

Compared to other large cities, JAIPUR actually has a shortage of quality PGDM holders, which reduces competition and provides local graduates with easier
access to quality roles.

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